At Clintondale Christian Church, we want to make it easy for you to come to church. Our hope is that you will truly enjoy the great music, encouraging messages, friendly people and enjoyable atmosphere that are a part of our church. But most importantly, we want you to experience God.

We know your first time at a church – any church – brings up some questions. How do I get there? What should I wear? What’s available for my kids? What should I expect in church? Our hope is that we can answer a few of those questions here for you. For more information or if you’d like to let us know when you’re coming, feel free to email or give us a call!

What to Wear.
Our church family comes together with no formal dress code. Some enjoy the opportunity to dress up formally while others prefer the comfort of the casual clothes they wear every day. You are welcome to come as you are, with no expectation for anything else!

Service Times.
Our Sunday service is held at 10:00am each week. 

The Drive.
We have provided links to Google Maps as well as written directions for your convenience. We trust you find us without having much difficulty. If you do, please let us know! Get Directions Now. If you prefer to use a GPS use 302 Crescent Ave Highland NY. 

What happens when I get there? 
When you enter our facility, you will be greeted by one of our friendly faces who will also give you a bulletin as you enter the sanctuary. They will be glad to answer any questions you may have about the service.

Children & Babies
Nursery services are provided by very loving and capable caregivers for babies and toddlers. If you have children 5-12, they will come with you into the sanctuary, and have the opportunity for a great age-appropriate time of ministry later in the service.

What is the service like? 

If you are accustomed to a lot of religious pomp and ritual in church, you will find that the atmosphere at Clintondale Christian Church is much less formal. You won’t experience a “show” but a time of meeting with God in a comfortable, non-threatening environment.

As 10 am arrives, the worship team will begin to play and the Pastor will open the service with Prayer.

 Someone will share some announcements and receive an offering. As our guest you have no obligation to give, and you should feel no guilt or obligation when someone hands you our offering basket to pass down the aisle. Sometimes we will also take a few moments to greet one another informally or take communion together. 

The worship leader will follow with a time of musical praise, singing songs of commitment and love for God. You are free to participate in whatever manner and to whatever level you feel comfortable. You may choose to sit or stand, and you are encouraged to join in the singing as much as you’d like. Don’t know the words? The song lyrics are all projected on the front wall for your convenience. No one has any expectations for you to do what others do. In fact, you will discover that many in the room have their own unique expressions of worship. 

We are excited about Jesus Christ and you’ll see many people expressing their enthusiasm in ways the Bible instructs. You may observe times of enthusiastic, joyful expression, clapping and singing with excitement. At other times, the congregation may be led into a quiet and contemplative worship experience, with hands lifted to God in surrender. These are natural and Biblical responses to a loving and merciful Lord. 

After the song service children five to twelve are released from the sanctuary to attend Kids Church in the Fellowship Hall.

Next, you will hear a timely, relevant message from Pastor Adam or his guest. Sometimes you will be provided sermon notes in the bulletin that go with the message to assist you in following along. The service will close with an opportunity to respond to the message in prayer with one of the elders, or between you and the Lord.

Following the Service. 

When the service concludes, you are welcome to join us in the fellowship hall for a bite to eat. If you have other plans, feel free to make your way to lunch and the rest of your day’s activities.  On your way out, we encourage you to introduce yourself to Pastor Adam, who loves to make time for guests.